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Atoboy's cuisine is modern Korean with premium ingredients."The food by the former chef de cuisine of two Michelin-starred is strongly Korean-inflected but with top ingredients and beautiful presentation, each underscored by umami and art."It's also reasonably priced -- $36 for three different dishes. Favorites are the fried chicken with spicy peanut sauce and garlic, corn with taleggio cheese, baconand mackerel with green chilli, radish and scallion."

Atoboy是现代韩国料理,配备优质的食材。“由两位米其林星级前厨师制作的美食尤其被韩国人所喜爱,优质的食材,色香味俱全。“价格也是合理的- 三种不同的菜肴才36美元,最喜欢的是炸鸡,辣味花生酱和大蒜,玉米与taleggio奶酪,培根和鲭鱼与绿辣椒,萝卜和韭菜。”



Mason Florence says: "In just a year since opening, Bunker has set the gold standard in the buzzing dining scene that's recently sprung up along Sathorn Road."It's one of the city's true chef-driven.""Marcella is almost obsessive when it comes to sourcing quality ingredients, and he adapts his dishes to what's fresh and available in the market."I adore the grilled beef tongue and snails, cleverly presented with parsnip puree, pickled mushrooms and parsley froth. The bar does superlative cocktails too!"

梅森佛罗伦萨说: “在开幕刚刚一年之后,Bunker已经在沙吞路上最近兴起的喧嚣的餐饮场所设置了就餐的黄金标准。“这是这个城市真正的厨师主导的休闲餐厅之一。”“Marcella在采购优质原料时几乎十分痴迷,而且他的食材一定是市场上最新鲜和可用的。“我喜欢烤牛肉舌头和蜗牛,巧妙地呈现了西葫芦酱,腌蘑菇和欧芹的泡沫,酒吧也是最高级的鸡尾酒吧!



Journalist Cristina Jolonch says: "Albert Adria envisions his four-month-old Enigma as a medium to long-term project with its full potential unfolding over time, so you will not find the fêted chef categorizing the style of its cuisine."It's probably too new to make any lists, but this restaurant offers a fascinating gastronomic proposal that plays with a gamut of spaces, each focusing on different styles of cooking (be it a snack, an ingredient, or cocktails), creating a journey that invites diners to live through different experiences."My favorite dishes are sea ox with its coral in a soy kimchi broth and trumpet mushroom bread with Périgueux sauce."


记者克里斯蒂娜·乔隆克(Cristina Jolonch)说: “ 阿尔伯特·阿德里亚(Albert Adria)认为他已开业四个月的Enigma是一个中长期项目,随着时间的推移,它的全部潜力正在逐渐展现,你不会发现这位厨师对烹饪风格进行分类。“这可能是新的任何列表,但这家餐厅提供了一个迷人的美食建议,提供一个就餐空间,重点是每一个都是不同的烹饪风格(无论是零食,食材,或鸡尾酒),创造一个可以邀请食客体验不同美味的就餐经历。“我最喜欢的菜肴就是海牛,它的珊瑚在大豆泡菜汤和小号蘑菇面包里配Périgueux酱。”


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South China Morning Post food critic Susan Jung says: "Neighborhood, by chef-owner David Lai, is a casual French restaurant located down a dark alley off Hollywood Road."A UC Berkeley graduate and an alum of Alain Ducasse's Le Louis XV, David goes to the fish markets daily to seek out wild seafood harvested from Hong Kong waters."His menu is brief -- about 20 savory items, plus a few specials that need to be pre-ordered."At a recent meal, we had fragrant black truffle chicken wings, a seafood platter with goose barnacles, razor clams,and a fricassée of chicken livers, cockscombs and rooster testicles with morel mushrooms."

南华早报食品评论家苏珊说:“由厨师David Lai的邻里,是一家休闲的法国餐厅,位于荷李活道附近一条黑暗小巷。”“加州大学伯克利分校的毕业生和阿兰·杜卡斯的大卫每天去鱼市寻找从香港水域收获的野生海鲜。“他的菜单很简短 - 约20个可口可食的物品,还有一些需要预先订购的特色产品。“最近的一餐,我们吃了黑色的松露鸡翅,一个海鲜拼盘,一个鹅藤壶,一个蛤蜊和小whe ks,鸡肝,鸡冠和鸡睾丸,还有蘑菇。



Food writer Crystyl Mo says: "Set in an atmospheric heritage building, PELIKAN brings 'relaxed Nordic dining' to Shanghai under talented young Danish chef Kasper Elmholdt Pedersen."The moody, spot-lit tropical interior with quirky wallpaper is a brilliant contrast to the cool Northern European menu that features Nordic-inspired small plates.

"Think green and white asparagus with poached shrimp and radishes, juicy pork and mushrooms, and sweet Danish beer bread paired with raspberries, and crystalized white chocolate. A favorite is Pedersen's simple yet stunning charred beets three ways (charred, raw and pureed) with beurre blanc."

食品作家Crystyl Mo说: “ PELIKAN坐落在一座大气辉煌建筑中,有天赋的年轻丹麦厨师Kasper Elmholdt Pedersen带来了轻松的北欧餐饮。“柔和的点燃热情的壁纸与酷酷的北欧菜单成一个对比,具还有北欧风格的小盘子。“用水煮的虾和萝卜,多汁的猪肉和蘑菇,甜丹麦啤酒面包搭配覆盆子和结晶化的白巧克力来搭配绿白色的芦笋,最喜欢的是Pedersen简单而迷人的烧焦甜菜,三种方式(烧焦,生和纯) beurre blanc“。



Writer Nicolas Chatenier says: "Chef-owners Chiho Kanzaki, Japanese, and Marcelo di Giacomo, Italian, are former chefs from Mirazur and at their minimally embellished restaurant housed in simple premises in eastern Paris, they serve highly refined French contemporary cuisine."Here, the flavors are precise and each dish is carefully put together. The superlative fare and amazing wine selection from sommelier Paz Levinson makes this one of my greatest discoveries in recent months."

作家Nicolas Chatenier说: “厨师长Chiho Kanzaki,日本人和意大利Marcelo di Giacomo是来自Mirazur的前厨师和位于巴黎东部简单场所的小型餐厅,供应高品质的法国当代美食。“在这里,口味是精致的,每道菜都精心摆放在一起,侍酒师巴斯·列文森(Paz Levinson)的呈上的高级食物和味道令人惊叹的葡萄酒成为近几个月来我最伟大的发掘的餐厅之一。