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323.Good morning,Front Office Cashier’s,can I help you?早上好,前厅收银,我能帮您忙吗?
324.Good morning,sir. May I be of service?早上好,先生,我可以为您服务吗?
325.Are you checking out today,Miss Evans?Evans小姐,您今天要结帐吗?
326.Would you like to vacate the room now,sir?先生,您现在要退房吗?
327.What’s your room number,please?请问您房号?
328.Can I have your room number and name,please?请问您的房号和姓名?
329.Did you have breakfast this morning?您今天用过早餐吗?
330.Did you make any phone calls from your room?你在房间里是否打过电话?
331.Did you take anything from the mini-bar this morning,sir?先生,您今天早上是否从房间冰箱里取过饮料?
332.Have you signed any chit in the last hour,sir?先生,您在刚才的一个小时内是否签过单?
333.How many phone calls did you make during your stay?您在住店期间一共打过多少电话?
334.Your bill comes to $840 including the service charge. 您的帐单共计840美元,包括服务费在内。
335.Your bill totals $1000 excluding 10 percent service charge. 您的帐单共计1000美元,不包括10%的服务费。
336.Here is your bill,would you like to check it?这是您的帐单,请过目。
337.Would you like to check and see if your bill is correct?您是不是检查一下,看您的帐单是否正确?
338.Is your luggage down yet,sir?if not,I will send a bell

man to help with your luggage. 先生,您的行李是否已经拿下来了?如果没有,我将叫一名行李员帮您拿下来。
339.I’ll draw up your bill for you . 我来把您的帐单开出来。
340.Shall I draw up your bill for you?我来把您的帐单开出来好吗?
341.Please wait a moment while I calculate your bill. 请稍等,我把您的帐单汇总一下。
342.Your final bill has not reached our department yet,sir. Would you please wait a moment while I chase it down?先生,您最后的帐单还未送到,请您稍等一下,我去将它调来。
343.I’m afraid that the bill has not reached us yet. So I will have to check with the department concerned. 恐怕您的帐单还没送到我们这里,我需要和有关部门联系。
344.Have you used any hotel services this morning or had breakfast at the hotel coffee shop?请问您今早是否使用过饭店服务设施或在咖啡厅用过早餐?
345.Thank you for waiting,the hotel including service charge for the three days is $470. 谢谢等候,三天的总机费用包括服务费在内一共是470美元。
346.I’m sorry,according to the hotel policy,we don’t accept personal cheque. 对不起,根据饭店规定,我们不接受私人支票。
347.That’s for the phone calls you made from your room. 那一栏是您在房间拨打电话的费用。
348.Your bill totals $2400,how would you like to make the payment?您的帐单共计2400美元,您想怎样付帐?
349.We accept credit cards here,which card would y


ou like to use?我们接受各种信用卡,您使用哪一种信用卡?
350.The credit limit by the visa card office is $10,000,we need their permission to extend credit over the amount. Would you like to pay difference in cash?维萨卡的信用限额是1万美元,超过这个数字我们需要行用卡公司授权。您是否愿意用现金支付这之间的差额?
351.May I have a print of your credit card,please?我可以刷一下您的卡吗?
352.That first number is your room number 202.那第一个数字是您的房号202。
353.The second entry is the restaurant consumption. 第二行是餐厅的账。
354.Item 6 is the $15 for the phone calls. 第六项那15美元是电话费。
355.That’s for the lunch you ordered from your room. 那是您在房间用午餐的费用。
356.That charge is for drinks taken from the mini-bar,sir. 先生,那笔费用是您从房间冰箱里取用饮料的费用。
357.Your overseas telephone call is including in the bill. 您的国际长途电话费用也包括在这个帐单里。
358.The service charge is including in the bill. 这个帐单包括服务费。
359.Our check-out time is 12 noon. But you used the room until 6pm. I’m afraid that for late check-outs we charge an extra
50% of the room rate. 我们宾馆每天结帐时间是中午12点,可是您下午6点才退房,对中午12点以后结帐的客人我们需要额外收取50%的房费。
360.Mr. Smith,your company has arranged to pay your bill. Smith先生,您的公司已安排为您付帐。
361.Can I check the details for you,please?请让我为您核查这份帐单,如何?
362.Would you mind waiting a moment while I check the details?先生,请稍等片刻好吗?我立即代您查一查细账。
363.I’ll just check it again for you. 我再为您核对一遍。
364.I’m sorry,sir,but there seems to have been a mistake,would you please wait a moment while it’s being rectified?对不起,先生,这里可能有错,请您稍等片刻,我们立即加以改正。
365.I’m sorry,sir,but there seems to have been a mistake. Please wait a moment while I correct the bill. 对不起先生,这里有些错,请您稍候,让我更正一下。
366.Excuse me,sir. But since the amount exceed $3000,I’ll have to get the approval code. 对不起,先生,您的这笔帐单已超出3000美元,所以我必须得到信用卡公司授权信号。
367.You’ll have to show me your passport or some other identification. 请您让我看一下您的护照或其他能证明您身份的证件。
368.Please make the cheque payable to the hotel,not for cash. 请您在支票上注明是支付给我们饭店的,而不是兑换现金。
369.This is the charge for your mini-bar consumption on May 15th,Miss Brown. 布朗小姐,这是您5月15日在房间冰箱消费的帐单。
370.Just one moment,please,I’ll check with the Assistant Manager. 请稍等,我马上与大堂副理联系。
371.I’m sorry,sir. There has been a mistake,we’ll correct the bill.对不起先生,帐单上有错误,我们马上更正。
372.Thank you for waiting,sir. Please sign on this bill. 谢谢您等候,请在帐单上签名。
373.Would you like to change some money?您要兑换钱吗?
374.I’d like to change some money. 我需要兑换钱。
375.The rates of exchange are on the board there,sir.先生,兑换率写在那边的牌子上。
376.It comes to ¥3200 at today’s exchange rate. 按照今天的兑换率,共计3200元。
377.Today’s rate of exchange is 8.09 to the dollar. 今天的兑换率是8.09人民币兑换1美元。
378.I’m sorry,sir,but the figures and the words on the cheque do not correspond. 先生,打扰一下,这个数字和您支票上顶的英文数字不相符。
379.Excuse me,sir, but could you please endorse this cheque where it been crossed out?对不起先生,您是否可以在划掉之处签名注明一下?
380.I’m sorry,sir, but the date on the cheque is incorrect. It should be pay 15th not May 18th. Will you please correct it and initial. 对不起先生,这个支票上的日期不对,今天应是5月15日而不是5月18日,您是否能更改一下,并签上您名字的缩写?
381.I’m sorry,but we do not exchange Hong Kong dollars into Japanese Yuan. 对不起,我们不能把港元兑换成日元。
382.I’m afraid we don’t accept non-convertible currency,sir. 先生,很抱歉,我们不收不可兑换的货币。
383.Could you change it at a Foreign Exchange Bank?您可不可以将这钱拿到外汇银行去兑换。
384.I’m sorry,madam,but we have a change limit of $500 dollars between 9pm to 8am due to the bank business hours. 对不起,女士,由于银行营业时间限制,我们在晚上9点至次日晨8点之间只能提供500美元的兑换限额。
385.I’m sorry,sir,we only offer one-way change,we are not licensed for a full exchange. 对不起先生,我们只能提供单向兑换,我们没有全项兑换的执照。
386.Could you cash traveler’s cheque,please?你能兑现这张旅行支票吗?
387.I’d like to know the rate for Swiss francs.我想知道瑞士法郎的兑换率。
388.Excuse,me. Could I trouble your for some change?劳驾,能麻烦您换些零钱吗?
389.Sorry to trouble you,but have you change for 60fen?对不起,劳驾,有60分零钱吗?
390.Let me have a look,yes,we have the change,here you are.让我看看,我们有零钱,给你。